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Make your Rehearsal Dinner small, intimate and a casual affair with close family or a night-before party open to any wedding guest  - search the best rehearsal dinner locations below.

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Rehearsal Dinner Venues

So much focus is placed on the wedding day that often rehearsals and rehearsal dinners are placed on the wedding planner back burner. But your rehearsal dinner sets the tone for the whole weekend (or couple of days) and is often the first encounter of families and friends of the couple. That being said, the style, atmosphere, and events of the rehearsal dinner are entirely up to the couple. It can be a small, intimate, casual affair with close family and the wedding party or a night-before party open to any wedding guest.

Though restaurants are the traditional (and convenient) rehearsal dinner venue, don’t feel restricted by tradition. Often couples prefer something more casual and low key, like a clambake, or something unique that might not have worked for the ceremony and reception, like a museum or garden. The couple may even desire something much more formal and will find a space for a formal, elegant dining experience. But regardless of the atmosphere the couple wishes to cultivate, the search for rehearsal dinner venues will provide more options than the wedding venue search because you won’t have to account for accommodating as many people, you won’t require the space for as long, and the space won’t require the same preparations.

Before you set your heart on a rehearsal dinner venue, check with your ceremony and reception venues and see if they offer any package options that include using the space the night before for your rehearsal dinner. This can save a bit of money and you already know you’ll love the space!