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A wedding reception set among a historic location is a great idea. Historic wedding venues are perfect for small to moderate sized weddings and feature breathtaking backdrops, mature landscape and impressive architecture. Explore our favorite historic wedding venue locations below...

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St. Simons Island

Historic Wedding Venues

Whether you crave the rich warm setting of a historic home, or the majesty and grandeur of a historic mansion turned museum – we can all agree: any type of history brings an air of sentimental feelings to any setting.  And, what better way to feel at a wedding than sentimental?  Historic wedding venues are often state or non-profit owned locations that have been transformed by historians – either saved from decline or brought back to their former glory via an expensive restoration – whose sole goal is to generate revenue for the property by renting the space for large and small occasions of many kinds.  

Because of the sensitive nature of the property and long history, it’s likely historic wedding venues will come with a long list of rules all guests and party hosts must follow, and a big price tag.  For instance, the historic Lightner Museum wedding venue in St. Augustine, FL is a remarkable beautiful setting and to rent the space for your wedding, you can expect to pay at least $15,000+.  Meanwhile, to rent the Rhodes Hall in midtown Atlanta, GA you’ll pay just $3,500 to rent the historic castle-like home.  The rental rate of a historic wedding location will ultimately be determined by the size of the venue and scope of the event.

Are there any downsides to hosting your wedding at historic place?  There could be a chance that the venue is not big enough to accommodate big parties.  Or maybe, because of the layout – the reception will have to be set up in different rooms, instead of seating everyone in the same ballroom.  These are the only cons that you could possibly experience at a historic location.  Your best bet is to narrow down the search, and schedule a tour as soon as possible.  Books dates will be a little more competitive at these locations, because they are limited.  Unlike hotels, there isn’t a historic wedding venue on every corner.  Search, tour, reserve your date!