Art Galleries & Museums

If a non-traditional wedding venue is what you're looking for, you just may want to consider getting married at an Art Gallery or Museum wedding venue. Perfect for the off-beat bride who is creative and loves to do things differently these venues are intimate, modern and add a flair of individuality you just can't beat. Here are our favorites below...

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Art Gallery Weddings and Museum Weddings

You’re quirky, artsy, utterly unique. Your wedding ought to reflect that. There are, of course, plenty of ways to express this individuality in your wedding, but to begin with, you have to find the perfect backdrop. So instead of the traditional ballroom, country club, or hotel, the off-beat couple might want to consider a gallery or museum wedding venue for their day. If you find yourself thinking that your touches of navy and ivory would perfectly compliment Picasso’s blue period or that Rembrandt’s moody use of light and shadow was just made to coordinate with your fall colors, then a gallery or museum venue might just be the choice for you.

Galleries and museums will often have a few different spaces that they’ll rent out for the different parts of your wedding, so you’ll be able to choose from unique styles of architecture riddled with fascinating art and artifacts for the enjoyment of your guests. The choice of galleries and museums will also give you a chance to perfectly coordinate your wedding style with their architecture and art. These venues as well are perfect for unforgettable and magazine-worthy photographs. After all, you’re just as much of a work of art as the sculptures in the atrium!

Keep in mind, however, that because weddings and events are not their primary focus, gallery and museum venues may not be as well equipped as some other venues. It is most common that they will not have onsite catering or easily accessed suites for getting ready. Don’t let this deter you, though. Most likely, you aren’t their first wedding, so the staff will be able to work with you and discuss the arrangements made during previous events.  If you find the perfect art gallery wedding venue and need a offsite cater to complete the story, click the link to find a wedding caterer near you.