Wedding ceremony venues found here! Whether you wish to walk down a small intimate path or a long grand aisle, it's who will greet you at the end of that aisle that matters most. But for your planning purposes, we've rounded up the most beautiful wedding ceremony venues for you to consider below...

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Ceremony Wedding Venues

The most important part of any wedding is the moment in which you and your future spouse say “I do,” so making a good decision on the backdrop of your ceremony is essential. In the same way that a reception venue conveys the tone of your wedding, your ceremony venue speaks to who you are as a couple.

The downside to a ceremony wedding venue is merely a slight inconvenience. A ceremony venue will usually be much smaller and unable to accommodate your whole reception. This means that you’ll have to book two venues for your wedding instead of one, which is one more thing to add on the list. Don’t let this deter you, though. A ceremony venue offers a beautifully intimate space in which to exchange your vows, even a unique space that you might otherwise have not been able to utilize. If you’re a lover of art, look for a small art gallery that could fit your ceremony guests. Find a traditional beachside chapel or a miniature church tucked away in the mountains. Choosing a ceremony venue instead of a space that has to fit both ceremony and reception allows you much more flexibility with where your day begins and allows you to choose a space that suits everything that you need.

Though ceremony venues will vary greatly on pricing, as a general rule, they will be less expensive than a reception venue. You will be using the space for a shorter amount of time and there will be fewer things that the space itself will need to provide.