Floral, Decor & Event Design

Looking for the perfect centerpiece for your party or reception? Or your wedding bouquet or boutonniere for your groom? Look no further.
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Floral and Event Design

Opting for a joint floral and event designer can be a really good route. Not only are you cutting out one vendor you have to coordinate with, you can rest assured that your decor and florals will be in perfect harmony. The professionals at the floral and event design studio that you choose will be able to paint your event like a Renaissance masterpiece (or a Cubism masterpiece, if that’s more your style), working together with their individual talents in florals, art, fabrics, or culinary fare. Each studio will have different services that they offer and individual specialties.

A floral and event designer isn’t exactly the same thing as an event planner, though the careers often intersect. Often a floral and event designer will be just that, a designer. They’ll structure the style of your event and create the atmosphere, with the added bonus that your florals will factor into the overall scene. An event planner will structure the whole event, coordinating with each of your vendors and taking over contracts as well as being there the day of the event to make sure everything is running as it ought to be. As said previously, many times these two jobs will overlap with a vendor who is both a floral and event designer and an event planner. Be sure to check with your vendor exactly what their service entails so you aren’t left without one or the other as your event approaches.

Depending on the services actually provided, pricing on your floral and event designer will vary. Florals especially depend on number of arrangements, size, and the varieties of flowers. Begin a very basic budget for florals only at $2000, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to your event flowers. The event designer will have packages with varying levels of services arranged for a number of budgets. Prices will range from $3000 to $6000+ and truly the sky is the limit.

Questions to ask your floral and event design vendor: What is your style? What is your process? Have you worked at this venue before? Does the designer offer rental items or must they be supplied via a rental company? Do you charge for mockup centerpieces or is that included?